Mother Hears Daughter’s Heart Beat One Last Time

This remarkable story of heartbreak, love, and life will bring those with the most hardened hearts to tears. After losing their 13-year-old daughter, Taylor, in a ski accident the Storchs decided to donate her organs. Usually organ donation is a very confidential matter, but the Storchs were determined to find out who their daughter’s heart went to. With a lot of work, they were able to find the recipient and set a time to meet her.

Watch the heartbreakingly beautiful moment when Taylor’s mother, in tears, puts the stethoscope to a stranger’s chest and hears the familiar beat of her daughter’s heart one last time.

If you find this story as touching as we did, also watch this video of a mother meeting the young man who lived thanks her daughter’s heart… on live TV!

You can learn more about the Storch family’s story and organ donation at Taylor’s Gift.


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